Sunday, March 15, 2009

Woman struck by an arrow in front of Schervier nursing home

A 51-year-old Yonkers woman was struck in the abdomen by an arrow outside the Schervier Nursing Care Center on Independence Avenue between 227th and 231st streets on Sunday afternoon, police said. The victim, Denise Brown-Delgado, was dropping off a resident of the home, and had just stepped out of her red Kia Sorrento when the rounded point of the arrow struck her.

She was rushed to nearby St. Barnabas Hospital, with the arrow still in her upper abdomen as she was lifted into the ambulance. Ms. Brown-Delgado underwent surgery, and was in stable condition, authorities said.

It is unlikely the woman was intentionally targeted, police said, though the bowman had not yet been identified after hours of canvassing.

Olga Rivera, the woman who was being dropped off, described what happened.

"She stepped out, turned and got hit in the stomach. She said 'Olga they shot me with an arrow,'" Ms. Rivera said.

An ambulance was called, and Ms. Rivera stayed with her friend, who she described as being in a lot of pain, though reasonably calm. "She asked me, 'Why did they shoot me?'" said Ms. Rivera, who has lived at Schervier for three years.

The group was coming back from Sunday services at the Yonkers Christian Assembly church.

Investigators believe the arrow may have been launched from a park on Palisade Avenue, which is in the direction Ms. Brown-Delgado was facing when the bolt struck her. There are a number of video cameras on the Schervier's grounds that may offer evidence of what took place.

Area residents were frightened in the wake of the shooting.

"It could have been any of us. I don't go out alone at night, but this happened in the light of day," said Doris Glickstein, who has lived across the street from Schervier for 39 years. "Who would do such a thing?"

City Councilman Oliver Koppell was on the scene not long after the incident took place.

"It could be someone just fired an arrow into the air and this is where it landed. Or it could be a deranged person who wanted to inflict violence," he said. Either way, it's very strange."

"I'm really afraid now, the person is still out there," Ms. Rivera said.


Anonymous said...

I also heard of this incident on HOT97 FM, in which the DJ reported this incident as "cupid coming late" as some kind of a joke, which I have spent my entire morning blogging, emailing Regis and Kelly and also many other stations along with HOT97. I was outraged at such a comment to an innocent women, her family and the shock it brought to that Nursing home. My stepmom resides there and I felt so strongly to anyone commenting on this incident should be outraged at someone using such an item within any wooded area. I hope through the use of cameras, they locate the person or persons and they are arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Anonymous said...

Wow your lame. The fact that you have all day to whine about a stupid story like this is disturbing. You contacted Regis?? Are you serious. Sorry douche, but your probably the only person who cares.HAHA!

Ironcity67 said...

come on guys, if we try real hard I bet we can bring comments made in bad taste to a stop forever! I also plan to spend my entire morning blogging to randoms and inundating Regis's inbox with e-mails expressing my outrage! I'm with anonymous on this one, I truly feel for the first time ever we can charge someone with manslaughter even though no one was killed!

Anonymous said...

yeah anonymous ..ur an ass. Manslaughter? She lived you dumb fuck!! Also , no one care about who you blog too, baba boohi

Ajlouny said...

She was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but what the heck was the person that shot the arrow thinking. It was bound to hit someone when shot in a city environment. Not wise at all.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the location of where this photo was taken the same spot where the arrow came from???

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