Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pyrrhic victory for Stella workers

Crain's New York Business is reporting that the former workers at the Stella D'oro cookie plant in Kingsbridge have won a victory — of sorts — and it could mean some back pay for them.

Union workers spent nearly a year on the picket lines after a private equity firm called Brynwood Partners, which owned the brand, tried to slash wages and benefits at the plant.

An three-member panel at the National Labor Relations Board has reaffirmed a June 2009 ruling that said Brynwood didn't play fair in negotiations with the union. Brynwood claimed economic hardship as the reason the company needed to make the proposed salary cuts, but refused to provide any documentation to the union to prove its case.

The NRLB ordered the workers be reinstated at the plant as part of that 2009 ruling, and also decided that the workers were owed so back pay dating from May when the union agreed to go back to work at their old rate.

As soon as workers returned to their jobs, Brynwood announced it would close the plant and sell the brand, which it did. The cookies are now made at a non-union shop in Ohio.

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Anonymous said...

Your journalism SUCKS.

Its NLRB, not NRLB.

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