Friday, September 23, 2011

Croton cost overruns — again

The Daily News reports on new numbers that show the cost of the Croton Water Treatment Plant is up to $3.4 billion.


Anonymous said...

I assume Bronx Parks' projects will be receiving proportionally more funding as a result of these overruns sponsored by we the taxpayers. From what I read, we have not even received all that was originally promised in terms of park amenities in exchange for letting this boondoggle commence on our already overburdened Van Cortlandt Park. I expect our elected leaders to fully investigate this corrupt money pit, and demand concessions for the taxpayers who are paying for this.

Anonymous said...

Why is this blog out of date, and why do comments not get posted? Might as well take it down.

BCEQ Communications Committee said...

I agree with FIPNA President, Kristin Hart, when she writes, "... I have written about the blaring inequities between Manhattan and Bronx playgrounds. It is time for the communities of The Bronx to start demanding great playgrounds for their kids...". As a member of BronxParksSpeak-Up Planning Committee, I wish to inivite Kristin, and others who share her concern for Bronx Playgrounds, to join us on Saturday, Februay 25th at Lehman College 11:30AM - 4PM, for Speak-UpXVIII, which will inlcude a Presentation & Discussion about that specific topic, i.e. Bronx Park Playgrounds. ***mricle***

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